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North Wales singer Aled Jones pays tribute to Snowman creator Raymond Briggs

BANGOR-born singer Aled Jones has said he owes The Snowman creator Raymond Briggs a “debt of gratitude” following the author and illustrator’s death at the age of 88.

His 1978 classic The Snowman has sold over 5.5 million copies worldwide, and he also created the children’s books Father Christmas, Fungus The Bogeyman and When The Wind Blows.

An animated version of The Snowman, made for Channel 4 in 1982, became a holiday staple and has been shown on TV every Christmas since.

Welsh singer Jones rose to fame as a teenager after covering Walking In The Air, the song written by Howard Blake for the 1982 animated version.

Aled Jones and Russell Watson entertain the crowds that flock to St Asaph Tweedmill for the 25th anniversary celebrations. Photo: Phil Micheu

Speaking on his classic FM radio show on Wednesday, Aled paid tribute to Briggs saying: ‘What a legacy he leaves behind.

“His books have touched millions around the world, and what a debt of gratitude I owe to his greatest creation of all. Thank you Raymond.

He then played the classic song in memory of the late author.

Jones was born at St David’s Hospital in Bangor and grew up in the small Welsh-speaking community of Llandegfan in Anglesey. He attended Ysgol David Hughes and joined the Bangor Cathedral Choir at the age of nine.

Author Raymond Briggs in Hyde Park, London.  Image: PA

Author Raymond Briggs in Hyde Park, London. Image: PA

In a statement, Briggs’ family said: “We know Raymond’s books have been loved and touched by millions of people around the world who will be saddened to hear this news.

“Fan drawings – especially children’s drawings – inspired by his books were treasured by Raymond and pinned to his studio wall.

“He lived a rich and full life, and said he felt lucky to have had both his wife Jean and his partner of over 40 years Liz in his life.

“He shared his love of nature with Liz on walks in the South Downs and on family holidays in Scotland and Wales.

“He also shared his sense of fun and madness with his family and with his family of artist friends – at get-togethers, costume parties and summer picnics in the garden. and enjoyed being played on.

“All of us close to him knew his irreverent humor – it could be biting in his work when it came to those in power. He loved the Guardian editorial describing himself as an ‘iconoclastic national treasure’.

Born in Wimbledon, south-west London, in 1934, Briggs studied at the Wimbledon School of Art and the Slade School of Fine Art before briefly pursuing painting.

After becoming a professional illustrator, he worked and taught illustration at Brighton College of Art.

In 1966, he won the Kate Greenaway Medal for his work illustrating a nursery rhyme book, The Mother Goose Treasury.

Author Raymond Briggs in Hyde Park, London.  Image: PA

Author Raymond Briggs in Hyde Park, London. Image: PA

His best known works were published between 1973 and 1984 and also included Father Christmas Goes On Holiday and The Tin-Pot Foreign General And The Old Iron Woman.

He has won numerous awards during his career, including the Kurt Maschler Award, the Children’s Book of the Year and the Dutch Silver Pen Award.

In February 2017, Briggs received the BookTrust Lifetime Achievement Award and the trust responded to news of his death by tweeting, “He will live on in his stunning and iconic books.”

He was appointed CBE for services to literature the same year.

Francesca Dow, Managing Director of Penguin Random House Children’s, said: “Raymond’s books are illustrated masterpieces that address some of the fundamental questions of what it is to be human, aimed at adults. and to children with a remarkable economy of words and illustrations.

“Raymond is probably best known for The Snowman. Perhaps he needed more freedom than the standard 32-page picture book format allowed and created a radical and beautiful innovation: a wordless picture book for children, a stills storyboard that became an instant classic in its own right, as well as the most I loved animations.

Ms Dow said Briggs was “unique” and “inspired generations of picture book, graphic novel and animation creators”.

NO MORE NEWS: Ipswich Town pay tribute to former Anglesey footballer

She added: “He leaves an extraordinary legacy and a big hole.”

Briggs’ literary agent, Hilary Delamere, said: ‘Raymond loved playing the grumpy professional, but he will be remembered for his stories of love and loss.

“From the many letters he received, I know how much his books and animations have touched people’s hearts.”

Prominent children’s authors, including former children’s laureates Michael Rosen and Cressida Cowell, have paid tribute to Briggs and her literary legacy.

Briggs is survived by her stepdaughter Clare and her husband Fynn, her stepson Tom and his wife Sarah, and three step-grandchildren.

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[Column] Six good reasons to teach writing

[Column] Six good reasons to teach writing

This column was submitted to LebTown. Read LebTown’s submission policy here.

Last fall Cornwall Manor participated in a pen pal program initiated by the Wellness Committee. While the experience was rewarding, fun, and yes, even educational (for both residents and students), I wanted to share why, as Chair of the Wellness Committee, I asked committee members to establish this program in the first place.

It has everything to do with the art and skill of writing, write on paper, not text on your phone. Not only have schools lost the opportunity to teach cursive writing, they have lost the opportunity to teach writing itself.

So here are at least six good reasons to teach writing (letters or otherwise):

  1. While electronic gadgets may seem to have taken away the need to write, bringing the world together in more spectacular ways and providing us with untold amounts of information, it’s quite the opposite. They actually increased the demand for writers. In a complex and changing society, more people are needed who can write, order and communicate information and experiences.
  2. Writing, for many students, is the skill that can unlock language arts. Students who have never read often begin reading in a writing program. They must read their own words to recognize what they have said and decide how to say it more effectively. Classmates can even start helping each other out this way. This should eventually lead to an interest in reading published writers on a variety of topics.
  3. To write is to think. Writing with the language of words (think math and the language of numbers) is the most precise and disciplined form of thinking. When we see what we have written (essentially what we have said), we often need to reconsider it, to refocus it, that is, to reflect.
  4. Writing is an ethical act because the most important quality in writing is honesty. It may be particularly important at this time in our history to teach writing, where the difference between dishonest speech and honest speech, between true and false, is revealed.
  5. Writing is a process of self-discovery. It is a process in which everyone tries to find the meaning of their life. We use language not so much to report what we know, but to discover what we know. It is important that students have the opportunity to self-explore in a disciplined and intensive way through writing.
  6. Writing is art, and art is deep play. Art is making, creating, building. It’s an experience of trying to add something to the world that wasn’t there before.

Some of what I wrote here was described in the goals/objectives I gave to teachers last year. That said, I must conclude by saying that not all students will respond well to this philosophy, of which we are all already painfully aware. We just have to respect our efforts and theirs. If a student doesn’t do well at first, it’s important to understand that “failure” is an essential part of the writing process, so it helps students to understand this as they are usually put through a curriculum focused on success in schools. Your exchanges of letters during the year are not graduated (think spelling and grammar). We have created a safe place for students to reflect and compose, essentially for the first time, on paper without criticism. This allows for future communication on paper, awakening a New (writing on paper?? What a concept!) and an exciting form of contact, not only with their peers, but also with their grandparents and friends who may live a few states away.

We are, after all, listeners, an audience eager to respond to young writers who are just beginning to find their voice. Here is a fresh experience, a language being discovered, forms being explored, voices asserting themselves in their own way.

Simply put, we help them discover themselves.

John Keosseian is the Chairman of the Wellness Committee at Cornwall Manor.

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Climate Crisis Chronicles tells true stories about climate change in comic book form

Comics publisher AWA is raising awareness of the growing climate crisis facing the world through a one-shot comic entitled Climate Crisis Chronicles, which will tell ten true stories of people on the “front lines” of the climate crisis.

(Image credit: AWA)

(opens in a new tab)

Written by Ethan Sacks with art by Dalibor Talajić, Climate Crisis Chronicles tells ten stories from around the world, all of which focus on the impact of climate change on human life and the efforts to deal with these changes.

“Our goal with Climate Crisis Chronicles was to use the medium of comics to tell the stories of real-life heroes at the forefront of the most important battle of all time,” said Ethan Sacks, in the ad. “These life-changing forces on this planet can sometimes seem overwhelming or abstract, so artist Dalibor Talajić and I set out to document the consequences on a very human and very personal level.”

“These ten chapters highlight people around the world engaged in fighting the effects of climate change here and now, or fighting for a better tomorrow,” he concludes.

Here is a gallery of images from the first chapter:

Sacks and Talajić previously created the similar One-shot anthology COVID Chronicles from 2020, which told the stories of workers battling the global COVID health crisis.

AWA has partnered with THINK, the opinion, analysis and essay section of NBC News to digitally publish Climate Crisis Chronicles, with the first chapter of the one-shot anthology currently available on their website. New chapters will be released every week.

A print edition of Climate Crisis Chronicles is due out in November.

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Author Alfred Ryals Jr.’s new audiobook ‘Dude’s Book of Testimonies’ offers a brilliant discussion of a man’s faith, sincerity and trust in the Creator

The recently released audiobook “Dude’s Book of Testimonies” by Audiobook Network author Alfred Ryals Jr. shares real, honest testimonies of a man whose faith in the Redeemer gave him strength and hope.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – August 5, 2022 – (

Alfred Ryals Jr., who was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, has completed his new audiobook “Dude’s Book of Testimonies”: an insightful and moving collection of stories based on one man’s experiences in life. He talks about his faith and all the revelatory encounters he has ever had. Through these written testimonies, he expresses the things of his heart and his soul.

Alfred Ryals Jr. shares, “This is a short story book based on my actual testimonies; I wrote some of them down as stories and some as questions I had and answers I received from Yah. I have had trouble speaking in church and in public because I sometimes stammer and stutter when I speak, which makes me ashamed to give my testimony verbally. So I decided that if I wanted others to hear my stories, I had to write them down and have them read or read aloud. I often read these stories. Even though these events have happened in my life, they still give me hope and a sense of joy because I know my redeemer lives!

Published by Audiobook Network, author Alfred Ryals Jr.’s new audiobook is a thought-provoking opus that sparks inspiration and faith in listeners while examining one man’s life and faith through his personal stories.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of Alfred Ryals Jr.’s “Dude’s Book of Testimonies” through Audible, Apple’s iTunes store or Amazon.

Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment in the digital publishing industry. According to The Infinite Dial 2019, 50% of Americans ages 12 and older have listened to an audiobook. This huge growth can be partly attributed to the rise of in-car listening, which overtook the home as the top place for listening to audiobooks in the 2019 survey. The proliferation of smart speakers also bodes well for future listening growth and more mainstream listening.

Audiobook Network, Inc. (ABN) is a full-service audiobook publishing company that brings authored books or e-books to life through audio storytelling. ABN manages, narration, production, audio editing, digital formatting, distribution, promotion and royalty collections under one roof. For more information or media requests, contact Audiobook Network at 866-296-7774.

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Author Alfred Ryals Jr.’s new audiobook ‘Dude’s Book of Testimonies’ offers a brilliant discussion of a man’s faith, sincerity and trust in the Creator

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History of the American educational system

The United States has been one of the greatest educational capitals in the world. Wealth and enlightenment have always been correlated. The history of education in the United States begins its roots in the 17th century and continues until today.

In this article, we are going to provide you with a brief detailed history of public education in the United States. This text is based on actual dates from the government and the research paper. Interested? Reading ahead!

Image sources: pixabay

17th century – The starting point

The 17th century was the effective beginning of education in the corresponding institutions due to the opening of the Boston Latin School. Tutor technology appeared in the early 11th century, so some of the students at Boston’s first school were already literate. They were able to read and write.

You can guess that education was not available to everyone. First of all, most of the children lived in the villages, where there was no school. Moreover, schools were very expensive and people could not afford such luxury.

The frequent opening of schools

Later, the government started to build educational centers in small towns and big villages. Thus, everyone could become a student, attend high school, study science, read and write. Before, children could only study the basics geometry problems this way but nowadays they can momentarily get the trigonometry question and answers through these kinds of services. However, it was a real and exclusive chance to become aware of the essentials of grammar.

In addition, there was gender discrimination. It’s reasonable why women and men had different laws, surely men had more. This is why education was more accessible to boys than to girls. Certainly, the number of college institutions prevailed.

Religion – The most accessible education provider

If you were in a time when education was just getting distorted, you most likely became a student of religion. It is enough just to be under faith and to be ready to determine a whole (or part) of life to God. It was therefore accessible to anyone who wanted it.

This education was of high quality, inexpensive and even free for certain groups of citizens. However, the teaching specification was a bit different. While the traditional schools intensively improved the scientific aspects, the church schools focused on family, community and moral values.

The war changed everything

In 1875, the Revolutionary War with 9 years of durability began, and it certainly impacted the history of American education. Most teachers and tutors have been mobilized. However, during the war, knowledge of grammar was extremely vital. That is why the rapid production of self-study manuals began. The ability to have basic science and math was so crucial, but soldiers had a lot of shortcomings. This period influence the American educational development chain.

The war intimidated people of dark color and whites, so by 1799 African Americans could also enter educational institutions. John Chavis was the first black student in the history of public education. By the way, he was applying to Lee and Washington universities.

24 years later, Alexander Lucious Twilight was that person of African race who graduated from middlebury college with a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, Mary Jane Patterson was Oberling College’s first African-American student. It was the moment of flight in the history of education in America!

modern post

For decades, teaching degrees at universities and colleges in the United States have been gaining in prestige. Below we are going to share you the list of best educational institutions in the United States of America. Also, we will mention the names of world famous stars, whom we study there!

Image sources: pixabay

The List of Best Universities in USA

Meet a list of the best universities in the USA:

  • University of Massachusetts
  • American University of Washington.
  • Princeton University.
  • Harvard.
  • Yale University.

Above are the most famous universities with superior teaching quality, however, if other universities are not as famous as them, that does not mean they are garbage! World celebrities have proven it!

Netflix “Riverdale” star Camila Mendes (Veronika in the series) has a bachelor’s degree from New York University, as does her colleague Cole Sprouse. Other UCLA graduates are Emily Ratajkowski, Mayim Bialik, Gabrielle Union actress, etc.

From their life interviews, you can find amazing facts and positions, which happened during their student life. All students of American universities assure its quality and pleasant studies, friendly students and seasoned teachers.


Since the 1600th, American universities have held the top positions in the world. However, in this article, we have revealed the history of American education. It all started with home tutors, but when the first school opened in Boston, everything changed.

We have also introduced you to the cost of religion in the liberating industry. The revolutionary also corrected self-education, as well as calmed the conflict between two races. After that, dark skins were allowed to study.

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Writer market

Affili8 becomes iGaming agency – and heads towards £500,000 target – European Gaming Industry News

Reading time: 2 minutes

The leader in online gambling is expanding its presence in the UK market by allowing players to browse and choose the best online sports betting sites

Bojoko, the award-winning online gambling affiliate, has strengthened its position in the UK market after launching Bojoko Sports Betting.

Bojoko Sports Betting has been developed with the same approach that has seen the affiliate dominate the UK online casino market since its debut in 2017.

The site is packed with informative UK sports betting pages, with content written by online gambling specialists with a passion for sports.

Visitors can also browse and choose UK-licensed online sportsbooks, each listed on the site having met Bojoko’s strict criteria to provide the best player experience.

Bojoko also employed a team of independent sports betting testers who put each site through their paces, rating and providing feedback on key factors such as odds and bonuses.

Bojoko members, who number over 30,000 in the UK, can also rate and rate each bookmaker based on the experience they receive.

This “dual layer” means Bojoko users and members can get a clear idea of ​​what each sports betting brand has to offer before signing up and betting.

In particular, the withdrawal time of each online bookmaker is tested with a badge available for those who reach the threshold set by Bojoko.

Operators can also contact the Bojoko team to request a badge if they feel their payouts are fast enough to meet or exceed the set threshold.

Bojoko also offers a selection of powerful tools that allow visitors to filter listed online sportsbooks based on key criteria making it easier to choose sites that meet their needs.

Jussi Viljanen, Sports Manager at Bojokosaid: “Having established Bojoko as the UK’s leading online casino affiliate brand, it made sense to expand into the sports betting industry to allow punters to browse and choose from the best betting sites sports online.

“Our innovative, dual-layered approach helps highlight sportsbooks that go above and beyond to deliver a premier player experience while enabling our visitors and members to identify these brands quickly and easily.

“We have taken the same approach to Bojoko sports betting as we do to the online casino and we believe this will help us quickly emerge as the main destination for UK punters looking for sports betting information as well as access fast to the latest and greatest sports betting.

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US engages in legal battle against merger of publishing giants

WASHINGTON (AP) — The government and publishing titan Penguin Random House are poised to trade opening salvos in a federal antitrust lawsuit on Monday as the United States seeks to stop the largest book publisher American to absorb its rival Simon & Schuster. The case is a key test of the Biden administration’s antitrust policy.

The Justice Department has filed a lawsuit to block the $2.2 billion merger, which would reduce the Big Five U.S. publishers to four.

In an unusual move, the government’s star witness will be Stephen King, the renowned and transcendental author whose works are published by Simon & Schuster. King is expected to testify during the week-long trial in US District Court in Washington, D.C.

The government says it would hurt authors and ultimately readers if German media titan Bertelsmann, of which Penguin Random House is a division, were allowed to buy Simon & Schuster from US media and entertainment company Paramount. Overall. He says the deal would thwart competition and give Penguin Random House gigantic influence over books published in the United States, likely reducing authors’ salaries and giving consumers fewer books to choose from.

The publishers counter that the merger would increase competition between publishers to find and sell the hottest books, by allowing the merged company to offer larger upfront payments and marketing support to authors. This would benefit readers, booksellers and authors, they say.

Opposing attorneys for both sides will present their cases to U.S. District Judge Florence Pan.

Both New York-based publishers have impressive stables of best-selling authors, who have sold millions of copies and landed multimillion-dollar deals. Within the Penguin Random House constellation are Barack and Michelle Obama, whose memoir package totaled approximately $65 million, Bill Clinton, who received $15 million for his memoir, Toni Morrison, John Grisham and Dan Brown.

Simon & Schuster has Hillary Clinton, who received $8 million for her memoirs, Bob Woodward and Walter Isaacson. And King.

Bruce Springsteen splits the difference: his “Renegades: Born in the USA,” starring Barack Obama, was published by Penguin Random House; his memoirs, by Simon & Schuster.

The Department of Justice argues that as things stand, Penguin Random House No. 1 and Simon & Schuster No. 4, in terms of total sales, are in fierce competition for the publishing rights to the most popular books. sold. If allowed to merge, the merged company would control nearly 50% of the market for such books, according to the report, harming competition by reducing advances paid to authors and diminishing output, creativity and diversity.

The Big Five – the other three are Hachette, HarperCollins and Macmillan – dominate American publishing. They account for 90% of the market for best-selling books, according to the government.

The Biden administration is breaking new ground in corporate concentration and competition, and the government’s complaint against the publisher merger can be seen as a milestone.

President Joe Biden has made competition a mainstay of his economic policy, denouncing what he calls the excessive market power of a range of industries and stressing the importance of vigorous competition for the economy, workers, consumers and small businesses. Biden, a Democrat, called on federal regulators, including the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission, to pay greater attention to big business consolidations.

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