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20 exciting Groundhog Day activities for elementary school kids

Groundhog Day is an exciting day and a great opportunity to teach students about the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch superstition that if a groundhog emerges from its burrow and sees its shadow, it will immediately return and another six weeks of winter will follow.

We’ve put together a bunch of activities with links to resources for elementary school teachers to make celebrating Groundhog Day in the classroom with your students easy and exciting.

Groundhog Day Arts and Crafts

1. A cute 3D craft book for Groundhog Day

This lovely 3D book by @aspoonfuloflearning on Instagram is a fantastic activity for young students. This cute book is just one activity in a pack and is a great way for students to show off what they’ve learned about Groundhog Day.

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2. Marmot paper bag puppet


This simple activity is a great recycling project for grocery bags. All you will need is green, white and black paper, glue, marker and googly eyes. Students will love telling the groundhog story with their paper groundhog puppet.

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3. Pop Up Groundhog Craft


Once students have had fun decorating this cute pop-up groundhog craft, they can take it outside to see if their groundhog is casting a shadow. This is perfect for illustrating the story of Punxsutawney Phil coming out of his burrow to check his shadow.

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4. Paint hands and feet


Perfect for young learners, this delightfully messy activity will be a fantastic keepsake that parents will cherish for years to come. Students dip their feet in grown paint to make the groundhog, then use their hands in green paint for the grassy ground. A lovely poem completes this sweet Groundhog Day artwork.

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This ultra-simple piece of art by @curriculumcastle on Instagram is fantastic even for the youngest learners. All you will need to create this striking work of art is a pre-printed template for students to color and cut out, black paper, and chalk.

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Groundhog Day science and technology activities


Fun shadow activities are always favored on Groundhog Day to symbolize the groundhog’s search for its shadow to predict how many weeks of winter remain. This shadow activity is great for teaching students how the size and shape of shadows change depending on the position of the sun.

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This fantastic STEM activity pack includes an in-depth reading passage plus an exciting challenge to build a groundhog-worthy burrow. The pack includes many planning and design worksheets to help students through every step of the process.

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8. Groundhogs rise from a chemical reaction


In this STEAM activity, students can try a classic experiment with a Groundhog Day twist. They can decorate balloons to look like groundhogs, then set up their baking soda and vinegar experiment. As the chemicals react, the “groundhogs” will rise and students can see if their groundhog is casting a shadow or not.

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9. Lego Burrow Building Challenge


This design challenge is perfect for young students. They will be challenged to create a burrow that can hold a groundhog. There are cutouts included which can be given to each student so they can check that their burrow is the correct size. A worksheet for planning and reflection is also included.

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This simple activity for younger students will see them try to match shadows to the groundhog casting them. To increase the difficulty, you can adapt this idea by taking pictures of shadows cast by 3D objects and having students find out which object created which shadow.

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Groundhog Day Reading and Writing Activities

11. Acrostic poem and secret code activity


Get your students working hard with this free activity pack from Teachers Pay Teachers. The pack includes an acrostic poem template for “Pennsylvania” and an activity to decode a secret message. This pack is perfect to accompany any lesson on the origins of Groundhog Day in Pennsylvania and even Punxsutawney Phil.

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12. Read Geoffrey Groundhog Predicts the Weather by Bruce Koscielniak

Geoffry the groundhog has become a celebrity because he successfully predicts how long winter will last. On February 2, he leaves his burrow and seeks his shadow, but as his fame has grown, many people are waiting for him this year. With all the commotion, Geoffry can’t see the ground to tell if he can see his shadow, so he struggles to make his prediction.

13. Cut and Paste Understanding


This copy and paste comprehension story activity is perfect for young learners or learners who are reluctant writers. Students can read or listen to the story, then answer the who, what, when, where, and why questions using the cut-and-paste method. This fantastic activity is free to download from the link above.

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This fantastic groundhog writing activity is ideal for exciting writers reluctant to write stories. All it takes is a few dice for students to build their own story about Mr. Groundhog. A reflection worksheet is also included, encouraging students to check their work.

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15. Groundhog Scrambled Sentences


These scrambled sentences worksheets are ideal for young students who are just starting to put sentences together. The cut and paste element of the writing activity helps students try out different combinations of words and check their work before writing the final sentence.

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Groundhog Day Baking Activities


These cake pops are a perfect baking task that is easy for students to take away when done. Younger students will enjoy the mess of putting it all together and older students will enjoy the more complex task of creating their groundhog.

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17. Groundhog Day Pancakes


Groundhog pancakes are an easy activity that students will love. Not only are these pancakes fun to make, but they’ll also be super tasty. Use different toppings and encourage students to create their groundhogs in different ways.

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18. Groundhog Molasses Cookies


Baking cookies is a great activity to follow along with an instructional writing lesson. Bake these delicious cookies and then, while they cool, have your students write down the recipe and procedure they used to make them. Once you’re done writing, you can all enjoy cookies!

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Liven up morning breakfast clubs at school by having students create groundhog toast slices! They can use different toppings to create their groundhogs and it can be a great opportunity to discuss healthy food choices.

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These cupcakes are a cute treat that students can bake and enjoy on Groundhog Day. Cook from scratch with older students or buy pre-made dishes and simply assemble them with younger students. Students of all ages will enjoy making (and eating) these delicious creations.

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