Banks have been quite shocked after the recent financial crisis and people who want to take out a loan notice it. Loan applications are scrutinized more strictly and fair is fair, the chance is simply smaller that you will be accepted.

Whether this is correct or not is of course a second, but it is a fact. So how do you ensure that you can borrow money in these difficult times? The answer is preparation. Preparation is the beginning and the end of almost all successes you see, including getting a loan.

First of all, it is of course important that you make it as easy as possible for the lender to provide you with a loan. This means that you have all the papers together and that you know in advance what they want and what they want to hear from you. If that means calling them ahead of time, then you'd better do that.

The second part of the equation is collateral. Make sure that the investment is as attractive as possible to the lender. This means that you, for example, pledge your salary as collateral, but that you, for example, ensure that you work a little extra or work hours in the period before applying for a loan. If you then have to submit pay slips, a lender sees that you regularly work overtime and that your salary justifies a higher loan. Remember, the lender is only concerned with securing their investment, so lend them a hand!

When taking out an online loan, you have the additional advantage that you can compare multiple loans from home and therefore also request multiple quotes. Pay attention to what a lender does for you and what not, but especially if he does what it costs! As is known, you don't get anything for nothing because everyone has to earn a living. Read the fine print and write the differences big. Also indicate that you request multiple quotations from various lenders, then they will certainly want to do something extra to bring you in as a customer.