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10 New & Upcoming DC Comics You Must Read This Summer

DC has always been a little more careful about when and where they make their big stories than their distinguished competition, but this summer the company is focusing on both Batman and the DC Universe as a whole with Batman: State of Fear and Infinite border, two crossovers that will leave the world of Batman and the DC Universe completely different.

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This summer has been and will continue to be an amazing time to be a DC fan, with characters like President Superman taking the spotlight alongside established heroes like Batman and Aquaman. And while there might be a few too many books on Batman, DC seems to be balancing that with a miniseries following the continuing adventures of one of DC’s oldest bromances.

ten Batman: Fear State is the start of a major Batman storyline

James Tynion has done an incredible job on Batman since he took over the character a year ago. These days he’s working on his next major screenplay with Batman: State of Fear.

The story begins with a one-shot in August that sees Batman simultaneously dealing with one of his oldest villains, Scarecrow, and one of his most recent villains, Peacekeeper-01. The Bat-Family is outdated as it hasn’t been in a long time, and for those who want to follow the State of fear crossover, they will have to start here.

9 I Am Batman sees Jace Fox become the next Batman

Jace reaches out for the Batman costume

John Ridley once brought fans The next Batman in Future state, then later told a first digital story with The Next Batman: Second Son which showed the origin of this new Batman. But things really start with Jace Fox making a name for himself in Gotham when he discovers Batman armor in the middle of the magistrate trying to make a name for himself.

8 Material: Season One Brings Back Another Major Hero

Milestone feedback material

The return of the Milestone heroes is one of the best things to happen this summer, and I hope they manage to make such a big impact in comics as they’ve always deserved. Brandon Thomas (known for his work on Future State: Aquaman) teamed up with legendary creators Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz to write the Curtis Metcalf story.

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Formerly a member of Alva Industries when everything went wrong for the company after the “Big Bang”, Curtis finds himself Public Enemy # 1 with the Dakota cops. Luckily, Curtis is a genius inventor who just has some awesome enough armor to help him come back to Alva Industries.

7 Superman ’78 Focuses On Continuing The Hero’s Adventures From His Classic Movies

Robert Venditti has worked with DC for almost a decade now, and they’ve given him the reins of the comic book sequel to one of DC’s most beloved movie adaptations.

This time around, Superman in this world faces the threat of Brainiac, who launches an attack on Metropolis in the first issue. But will Brainiac be the only villain in the series? Especially with Lex Luthor so well portrayed on the cover?

6 Green Lantern 2021 Annual Gives Jessica Cruz a Sinestro Corps Ring

Jessica Cruz has a Sinestro Corps ring

Green Lantern is an interesting place right now, as there is really only one comic published on the entire franchise. This means that any fan who isn’t ready to focus on the characters in the main movie is in trouble.

However, the next edition of Green Lantern takes the opportunity to follow up on a Green Lantern Future State storyline where top Green Lantern Jessica Cruz manages to be offered a Sinestro Corps ring. Where is she going from here?

5 Aquaman: 80th anniversary special leads to next major Aquaman storylines

Aquaman on his seahorse

At the moment there is no Aquaman comic book on the stands, and there haven’t been any since the start of this new era of comics. The first chance that Aquaman fans will have the chance to relive their favorite character will be with this 80e Anniversary special, featuring stories from new and veteran Aquaman creators, giving everyone the chance to catch up on all things Aquaman.

But this isn’t just a random special, it’ll also tie into a pair of Aquaman miniseries that launched in September, so there’s no better time to start reading about the King of the Seven Seas than with that.

4 Infinite Frontier Starts Crossover That Will Have Broad Effects For The DC Universe

Infinite Frontier shows justice embodied

Infinite Frontier is DC Comics’ biggest event over the next few months. Written by Joshua Williamson (Flash) and drawn by Xermanico (Injustice), the story seeks to delve deeper into this new multiverse.

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A wide range of characters are included in this story, from President Superman to Alan Scott to Cameron Chase and Roy Harper. This book appears to be filled with cosmic nonsense and seems to be setting itself up for a new status quo for the DC Universe.

3 Justice League Infinity brings back the unlimited distribution of Justice League

DCAU fans have wanted more Justice League Unlimited characters since the series ended, with former JLU staff James Tucker and JM DeMatteis working with artist Ethen Beavers for a miniseries that seeks to pick up where the cartoon stopped.

The comic also looks to add comic book elements, as the League meets characters from across the multiverse, like the evil Overman, who has somewhat replaced Superman.

2 Blue & Gold Teams Blue Beetle and Booster Gold once again

As a creator, Dan Jurgens knows Booster Gold better than anyone. So it’s probably a good idea to get him to write a Booster and Blue Beetle comic.

This time around, the two are trying to make their way into the Justice League, while also using social media to try and become more popular heroes. The two will find themselves dealing with everything from social media managers to space assassins in an eight-issue maxi-series of Dan Jurgens and mega-talented Ryan Sook.

1 Superman and the Authority have Superman to form his own version of the Authority

Superman checking authority members

Grant Morrison takes on The Authority and Superman for a four-issue miniseries starting July 20. Superman needs a team that can do things the Justice League can’t, which leads him to work with Manchester Black and form a whole new Authority team.

The team is a mix of classic Authority members and newcomers like Natasha Irons and the Enchantress, but they’re all going to have to work fast to defeat Ultra-Humanity.

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