ANWB mastercard.png You can get a credit card from well-known brands such as Mastercard and Visa.
The credit card has a pin code and you can simply pin in hotels, shops and restaurants. The use of a credit card is more common, especially abroad.
Payments in web shops on the internet can also easily be made with a credit card.


A pre-agreed limit is included on the credit card. Each month, the amounts withdrawn from the credit card are debited from your bank account.
You pay an amount per month for the use of the credit card. The interest rate on the debt is very high.

Prepaid Credit Card
If you still want or need to use a credit card but do not want high costs for using the card, we recommend that you purchase a prepaid credit / mastercard. You can use this in the same places and way as a regular credit card, but the costs are minimal.
Read more about this option on this link