A cash loan of PLN 2,500 in a bank or loan company on the internet? Check what is a cheap cash loan for PLN 2,500: banks, loan companies, short-term loans and installments.

A cash loan for PLN 2,500 is a rather unusual loan. Usually we are looking for loans for “full values”, for example, for 1000 zlotys or 2000 zlotys. But there are absolutely no problems to find a loan for such a loan.

A cash loan of PLN 2,500 can be found both at the bank and at a loan company on the internet.

Cheap or the cheapest loan for PLN 2,500? Everything depends on the institution in which we borrow and what is the total cost of such a loan (APRC) compared to other cash loans.

A cash loan of PLN 2,500 in a bank

A cash loan of PLN 2,500 in a bank

When deciding on a bank loan, it is necessary to obtain a creditworthiness and creditworthiness. Instead of a cash loan, we can also choose a credit card or limit in your bank account.

An application for a cash loan, after selecting a bank, we can submit at a bank branch or if it is possible to submit it online (cash loan via the Internet). Using the cash loans comparison engine we can find both traditional and internet loans. All you need to do is send a contact form to the bank so that a representative of the bank will contact us by phone and check our creditworthiness and present a loan offer.

Sample calculations of loan installments. A cash loan of PLN 2,500 in a bank

  • 12 months – PLN 214.56,
  • 24 months – PLN 107.28,
  • 36 months – PLN 77.19,
  • 48 months – PLN 59.87.

Cash loan PLN 2,500 short-term up to 60 days

Cash loan PLN 2,500 short-term up to 60 days

Using the internet and looking for a cash loan in online loan companies, we find two types of loans: short-term loans up to 60 days (so-called payday loans) and installment loans.

Non-bank internet loan, it is a good solution (if it is cheap) for people who suddenly need additional funds, and do not have time to look for fixed loan companies. By using the search engine for non-bank loans online, we can quickly fill out a request for a cash loan.

Among loan companies on the Internet, we also find short-term cash loans of PLN 2,500 in the “promotion” for PLN 0. It is a free loan for new customers of the company and it means that the client will not pay any interest or commission (APR 0%), provided that it settles it on time.

Collecting a cash loan of 2,500 via the internet, we fill out the loan application on the website of the selected loan company.

Cash loan PLN 2,500 on installments in a loan company

A cash loan of PLN 2,500 in installments can be an alternative to a bank loan. Such a loan is connected with fewer formalities and less restrictive approach to the submitted application. This does not mean that every applicant will get a loan. It must, of course, pass the verification procedure positively.

After confirming the identity and checking its financial credibility, the loan company can issue a positive decision to grant a loan.

The installment loan for PLN 2,500 in monthly installments is certainly much more expensive than in the bank.

Examples of loan installments calculation. Cash loan PLN 2,000 on installments in a loan company over the Internet:

  • 12 months – PLN 334.41. The total amount to be paid: PLN 4012.48, total cost PLN 1512.48. APY: 156.1 %%.
  • 24 months – PLN 203.94. The total amount to be paid: PLN 4893.64, total cost PLN 2393.64. APY: 107.1%.
  • 36 months – PLN 150.27. The total amount to be paid: PLN 5404.12, total cost PLN 2,904.12. APY: 78.6%.

As you can see from the above calculations, it is not the cheapest loan. It is necessary and absolute to compare loans for PLN 2,500 before we decide on the final choice. Even a relatively small difference in cost can affect our home finances.

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