To the login consultant service money back system New customer acquisition for consultants Free lead 

To the login consultant service money back system New customer acquisition for consultants Free lead 

Neukundengewinnung für Berater

  • Insurance and Financial Leads
  • Maximum flexibility: Activate and deactivate at any time
  • You determine the quality: purchase lock for Lead-Einlieferer
  • Always with the guideline “Optimal work with leads”

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You want to get leads for free and thus increase your sales effectively? With our moneyback system you can save money. Join our moneyback system and receive free leads in the area of ​​private health insurance, disability insurance, old-age provision, supplementary health insurance and long-term care insurance. For every contract that you sign up and submit to our partner Fund Finance, you will receive a free lead of the completed division. Thus, you can earn money without having to worry about customer acquisition or marketing, because you are in direct contact with the interested parties.

Our insurance comparison portal generates new leads on a daily basis, which we pass on to our insurance experts via the moneyback system. As an insurance consultant, you can thus advise those interested in taking out insurance without having to worry about the customer acquisition. With the moneyback system you can get leads for free. Earning money in the insurance industry has never been so easy!

1 submitted contract = 1 free lead!

moneyback fondsfinanz

Your advantage: moneyback lowers the costs of your customer inquiries and makes you more and easier to earn money! Every contract you generate gives you a new lead. Increase your sales and earn more money with the moneyback system.

How To Make Money:


  • 1. Register with Funds Financial
    If you are not yet a fund financial advisor, register with us at Fonds Finanz. Sabrina Richter, Inside Sales Assistant at, will gladly help you to register, either by phone at (030) 319 86 1981 or by e-mail to
  • 2. win new customers
    We provide you with customer inquiries and advise your customers as usual and lead them to a degree.
  • 3. Submit contract & voucher to Fonds Finanz
    You enter the contract with the moneyback voucher at Fonds Finanz. The voucher can be found to print next to each customer request in your advisor account.
  • 4. A free lead for you
    Fonds Finanz confirms the validity of the contract, you receive your commission and a free lead in the concluded section of us. So you do not have to pay for the lead.


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1. The moneyback system only applies to customer inquiries from the divisions:

  • Private health insurance
  • disability
  • retirement
  • health insurance
  • care insurance
  • Mortgage lending *

2. An overview of affiliated companies and valid tariffs can be found here.

3. Please note: Free leads are created starting from a valuation sum of 20,000 EUR. This evaluation amount is always determined and taken into account per contract. Thus, the valuation amount can not be offset by several contracts in order ultimately to arrive at the required amount of the valuation amount.

How are the leads generated on

On our comparison portal for insurances interested parties can inform themselves about the various insurance products. The lead generation takes place by entering the data in our contact form.

How can I earn money through the moneyback system?

As an insurance expert, you advise interested parties on the desired insurance. Upon conclusion of a contract, you can submit it to Fonds Finanz and receive a new free lead. You therefore do not have to spend money on lead generation.

What are the benefits of the moneyback system?

The moneyback system gives you a free lead per contract and you do not have to spend any money. The leads we generate on will be forwarded to you promptly. We also inform the interested party who will contact him. With the moneyback system, you do not have to worry about lead generation and can save money.

You have further questions? We are happy to help you!

Our advisor service is available Monday to Friday 9-12 o’clock and 13-18 o’clock:

Thorsten Heine, Torsten Joensson
consultant Services
Telephone: (030) 319 86 1920


* The Free-Lead can only be registered for you if the transaction has been processed successfully via Europace2 and thus tipsters are excluded.

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Schulten new boss at MVV: Core competence remains energy distribution

Mannheim (dpa / lsw) – The future CEO of the Mannheim energy supplier MVV, Rudolf Schulten, wants to stick to the previous strategy of the company. The MVV Energie AG will continue to set “very clearly” on the core competence of energy distribution, said the 47-year-old on Friday in Mannheim. “That’s where we make the money.”

News / Electricity

Picture: Money 

The CFO of the Berlin-based Bewag AG was unanimously appointed by the MVV Supervisory Board on Thursday as the new CEO. He succeeds Roland Hartung on 1 October, who is retiring at the age of 67 on grounds of age. SDV-listed MVV Energie AG is the fifth-largest German electricity supplier. Sales in 2001/02 (30 September) amounted to almost 1.7 billion euros.

The chairman of the MVV Supervisory Board, Mannheim Mayor Gerhard Widder (SPD), praised Schulten as a “decidedly strategic-minded person”. His choice was a good decision. “We’re going into even more difficult times,” said Widder. Reason is an individual judgment of the antitrust authority on the amount of fees for the use of networks. If this provision were to be implemented nationwide, grid owners such as the MVV would have to face losses of 15 to 20 percent. “That’s dramatic,” said Aries.

Aries intends to propose to the Supervisory Board to found a board of management for marketing and sales. This fourth department is to be filled by the CEO of Energieversorgung Offenbach, Karl-Heinz Trautmann.

Schulten said he would continue to seek the acquisition of municipal utilities as distributors of electricity and gas. In this function customer proximity and friendliness are particularly important. “That must be our strength, then we are not vulnerable.” The manager, born in Göttingen, grew up in Lützelsachsen on the Bergstrasse and in Aachen and studied business administration in Cologne. He is married to a Frenchwoman and has three children. Among other things, he worked for Ruhrgas AG and the gas utility Gasag in Berlin. In 2002, he was appointed a member of the management board of the Vattenfall Europe subsidiary Bewag.